Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Designers

In the previous years, if you would pose a question to me about WordPress, I would simply reply that most of my friends use it to write anonymous blogs. If you use WordPress, you are one among the New York Times, Forbes, Wall street journal and National Geographic who power their website through WordPress. WordPress has been able to offer much more through thousands of themes and plugins. Around 44,000 plugins. Designers all over the world have been able to use WordPress to help capture client leads, manage their sites and also maintain portfolios. The following are the top five WordPress plugins for designers.

Visual Composer


This plugin is used to drop and drag modules in the dashboard for simple and quick method of building your site. Once it is installed, you easily control your page layout without any line of code. It helps in the organization of content in row and columns, an addition of eye-catching maps and charts and even in the creation of calls to action and animated buttons. It has two buttons; the backend and frontend editor buttons. The backend helps in customizing your pages by clicking the item you would like to add. The different items have different customization options such as images, margins, fonts, and color among others.


The frontend has similar page building options like the backend except that it displays the actual elements inserted other than placing holders. This plugin is helpful in the creation of complex page layout even without the coding knowledge.




This plugin has been known to create the simplest user interface compared to all other page builders. It has a simpler page builder with several free pre-builder templates. Their fronted is convenient and have fully customizable elements. This plugin has revision history which helps users revert to any previous page. The plugin has a front element which helps in building forms in the page builder interface. The grid element has WooCommerce products which help the designer easily query and in the displaying of the WooCommerce products, the portfolio which creates different post grid style and posts for the creation of custom post and regular post types. This works great when you have a number of coconut oil recipes for skin in your site. 


Envira gallery


Most designers rely on their visual content which is best managed and organized in galleries. This plugin has been preferred by most designers since it has features such as the WooCommerce integration, it is SEO friendly, it can support video, has protection and watermark, social media integration, mobile-friendly and responsive and has gallery templates.


CSS hero


This plugin is important to designers in the design of WordPress themes without coding. It is able to directly allow changes in the child theme and allows the exportation of the CSS to the client’s site. With this plugin, you can undo changes from your history. This makes it very vital for the beginners. The plugin also modifies design elements on your page and allows the viewing of the device resolution and their adjustments.




Every designer needs more focus on their marketing to keep their content optimized and get more traffic on their sites. This plugin is the best for free social media. It can be translated to several languages and has a number of features. It allows your user share your site from any device.


With the new feature and plugins upcoming in WordPress, you can simply do anything on your WordPress site.